WAZErs Beware!

Today and yesterday haven’t exactly been on my list of Top Ten Days of All Time. Quite the opposite. Yesterday I paid a shiva call to a friend whose mother was tragically killed in an accident overseas. Then, as if that tragedy wasn’t horrific enough, there was a mix up with the body at the […]

Is Sucker Written on my Forehead?

Is it me? Is there something on my face that says ‘Sucker here! Go ahead and take advantage of me.’? Or is that young (and older) Israelis are just so self-involved that they don’t need to follow the rules of common decency? I am SO over this behavior! Today was the third time in a […]

Let’s bitch about the bitches!

Be warned, I’m writing this under the influence. I’ve had Chardonnay with my dinner – two glasses, maybe more. So if I get a bit loony, forgive me. I want to write about missed opportunities – specifically when someone says something nasty to you and you don’t have the presence of mind to answer in […]