Anne Kleinberg

Author. Designer.
Accidental Entrepreneur

Welcome to Anne Kleinberg's Universe

It started with a suggestion from a friend, “You should write a book.” Haha, said Anne. 892 pages later, a book was born (and trimmed). “Menopause in Manhattan” tells the story of a 50 year-old New York career woman who experiences some significant changes in her life. To date, more than 10,000 e-copies have been sold and the printed copy was a bestseller at Steimatzky – Israel’s venerated bookseller.

A new novel about dating after divorce is in the finishing stages. 

Anne's Cookbooks

Thanks to a food and lifestyle column in The Jerusalem Post, Anne was presented with an opportunity to write a cookbook using pomegranates in every recipe. From there, a new career was launched and more cookbooks were written. Pomegranates got top billing in The New York Times and was followed by a Hebrew version.

Interior Design by Anne

After gaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Anne decided that rather than fix the world, she’d rather just make it pretty. She enrolled in Fashion Institute of Technology and earned a degree in interior design. Following a stint with a NYC architectural firm, she opened her own company in New York and then Tel Aviv. Recent work focuses on residential design, especially for women in life transitions (eg: divorce, widowhood, empty nest).

Casa Cala Caesarea

Casa Cala Caesarea was the unique Bed & Breakfast Anne ran in the house she designed on the golf course in Caesarea, Israel. Originally named Casa Caesarea – it was a fabulous place for getaways, family vacations & special events. It then expanded into Casa Cala – one of Israel’s most magical settings where brides spent the day/s getting ready for their wedding with family & friends, and then returning with their brand new spouse on the night of the wedding. Casa Cala Caesarea had a run of 10 years and garnered recognition from Trip Advisor;; Frommer’s; Ha’Aretz, Jerusalem Post & international luxury magazines.

Anne Kleinberg Presents!

Anne loves to speak – and usually has plenty to say. She’s given talks and presentations all over the world on a variety of subjects. Some Anne Kleinberg Presents topics are: Tips for Writing & Publishing Your Book; The Secrets of Great Hostessing; The Amazing Pomegranate; How To Decorate Your Home Without Going Broke; Kitchen Design Made Easy; and lots more.

Miscellaneous Writings

Call it a blog; ramblings of a busy mind; written thoughts; a journal; or whatever. Anne was a writer long before she knew to call herself one, with opinions on everything!