Anne Kleinberg has a lot to say – and no problem saying it. She has spoken to intimate groups at her home – Casa Caesarea – and appeared before large audiences like the Jewish Federation, English Speaking Residents Assoc., the American Embassy, and the International Women’s Club. The following are among the topics Anne has addressed.

Topics for Anne Kleinberg Presents

Pen Polish Publish

Anne did it! Self-published her novel (“Menopause in Manhattan”) and sold over 10,000 copies. She reviews the whole process – writing, editing, to getting it out there.

A Passion for Pomegranates

Good thing she didn’t laugh when asked to write a cookbook about pomegranates. What an international success! From there – she became the Pom Queen.  

Transitions & Transformations

Anne hates hearing “You’ve reinvented yourself!” Because she hasn’t – there was never a need to be re-invented. But moving on? Transitioning? Yes! Yes! Yes! She’s all for it and will reveal how she’s done it – many times over. 

Screw Ups & Fuck Ups

Inspired by FuckUp Nights, Anne talks (and jokes) about all the errors/screwups/fuckups/boo boos that influenced her life. From buying the wrong clothes to marrying the wrong man (twice!) and everything in between.

Hostessing - How to Throw the Perfect Party

From what food to serve (including recipes); how to greet your guests and get them mingling; to setting a spectacular table; Anne reveals her secrets from 40+ years of being “the hostess with the mostest.” There are so many things you can do to ensure a successful party where your guests end up exchanging numbers and can’t wait to get together again. 


Anne was always busy with design. At age 15, it was painting a bedroom wall black; at 27, earning a degree in interior design; at 35 her own design firm. She’s even designed a line of wallpapers! She’s condensed all her knowledge into a presentation that shows how to transform your living space into something fabulous.