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Middle Eastern on the Table

There were culinary specialties from Israeli, Palestinian, Iranian, Iraqi, Turkish, Egyptian, Russian, & Moroccan sources. The guests represented even more countries (Italy, Lithuania, America, India, Slovania, Latvia, China, Brazil). The location was the Russian Ambassador’s residence in Israel. The weather? Exquisite! Sunny, warm and very comfortable. If a more perfect day for a more perfect […]

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Eat, Drink, Shoot! The Food Photo Festival

Start with an amazing idea: A food photography festival Add an ideal location: Tarragona, Spain. Make sure the creator of the festival is the best: that would be Gunter Beer – world class photographer Assemble the main ingredients: talented photographers from all over the world;  collections of awe-inspiring work; brilliant speakers to give talks & […]

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10 days of pure hedonism – all play, no work

A dear friend (let’s call her C) just came from the States for a visit. She hasn’t been here in many years and it was my desire to make her every moment in this country (Israel) pure joy. I think I succeeded. Too much so! And now that she’s gone back home, I can’t seem […]

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