There were culinary specialties from Israeli, Palestinian, Iranian, Iraqi, Turkish, Egyptian, Russian, & Moroccan sources. The guests represented even more countries (Italy, Lithuania, America, India, Slovania, Latvia, China, Brazil). The location was the Russian Ambassador’s residence in Israel. The weather? Exquisite! Sunny, warm and very comfortable. If a more perfect day for a more perfect event existed – I can’t imagine it!

The International Women’s Club in Israel held a lovely event at Margarita Steniy’s home. Margarita is so generous with the giving of her home, her staff and her time. That already makes the event great. The food was contributed by the IWC members – and consisted of soups, salads, and desserts from  countries around the Mediterranean, with an emphasis on the Middle East.

Think Israeli chopped salad. Egyptian pumpkin pie. Persian herb soup.  Palestinian Freekeh soup. Arabic baklava. Al delicious and all home made.

These are the sorts of days when I’m reminded how lucky I am to live in Israel. Exposure to the most interesting and lovely women. Dining on the most wonderful and “exotic” food. Listening to the melody of many different languages – Egyptian Arabic managing with Israeli Arabic, Hebrew interspersed with Russian, English spotted with Italian. I’m telling you it doesn’t get any better than this.

The highlight of today’s event was a demonstration by Aml Hana Bisharat, an multi-talented woman from the Galilee area. Aml gave an incredible show – on how to create beautiful arrangements out of vegetables. Flowers from cucumbers, radishes, carrots & beets! One Tourne knife, a bunch of fresh vegetables, a base for them (cabbage or potato), a bowl of ice water and Voila!

I’m not much of a politically minded person. I tend to avoid situations which I find frustrating and over which I have no control. But when I am in a situation like today – when women from different regions, religions and backgrounds can spend several hours together laughing, learning and dining – I have hope that we can solve anything. Just leave it to the girls!

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  1. It was great not only to participate at the event but also to look thru the pictures! Well done, Anne! I am glad I had an opportunity to see how beauty of carved vegetables was born. I promisse I will buy tons of vegetables and will finally learn to do it myself:)

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