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Dump the Groom, Gain the Room

My article in Hebrew for the on-line lifestyle magazine: Saloona. כך התגרשתי מבעלי – והרווחתי חדר שינה The original name in Hebrew was supposed to be: Bye Bye Ba’al, Hello Heder! (Bye Bye Husband, Hello Room!) Click on the title and it will take you to the Internet page. Here’s the English translation: I want to

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Catching Up

So… how does one update her own website when SO much has happened to her in the past 1-1/2 years? I’ll try. Pain Resignation Dissolution of marriage Living alone now Self-supporting again Getting reacquainted with myself Learning life lessons Evaluating existing friendships (sometimes with sadness) Developing new friendships Concentrating on business Looking forward Being positive

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Anne as Writer & Director of Purim Shpiel

Writing & Directing a Purim Play

I’ve suddenly become a writer and director. Who knew! AND we made it to the front page of the United States Embassy in Israel website!!! ( My venture into this previously unknown was with the IWC Players, a group we created from the ladies of the International Women’s Group, in order to perform a play

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