A Test – For Me & My Car

I dreaded it. Car registration test time. I bought the car three years ago and thought December 2021 was so way off in the future I didn’t need to worry about it.  Last time I brought a car into a testing center was ages ago – probably while I was still married. And although my […]

Secrets of Publishing Revealed!

Want to write a book? Want to know what it takes to get it published? Join us for a great morning and find out everything you wanted to know. Three experts in the field will share their knowledge and experience – secrets will be revealed!

Another Mother’s Love

My friend Saralee phoned last night with the news that her mother had died. I was sad, mostly for her loss, as her mother had lived a good life and passed away at the age of 94. Then this morning, it hit me, and the tears started to fall. Three of my oldest friends have […]

WAZErs Beware!

Today and yesterday haven’t exactly been on my list of Top Ten Days of All Time. Quite the opposite. Yesterday I paid a shiva call to a friend whose mother was tragically killed in an accident overseas. Then, as if that tragedy wasn’t horrific enough, there was a mix up with the body at the […]

My Life As a Sex Worker

If you think running a B&B is all about home made muffins fresh out of the oven, crisp white linens and bouquets of lavender sprigs in all the guest rooms, think again. It ain’t! Today I found out that I’m a sex worker – or at least working for others having sex. What in the […]