Well I’ll be damned!!! I figured it out!

I’ve been blogging for the last few months on a program called WordPress.com.  I really love it. Its easy, attractive, and FREE! No problemos until I switched to WordPress.org. Then it was all over!

My new site on wordpress.org is Menopause in Manhattan – the site for my about-to-be published book. I’m working on making the site the best looking website in history (okay, okay, I’ll settle for just plain nice). And from the moment I transferred all the info, the you-know-what hit the fan.

The problem? No images showing up. I called and emailed everyone I could think of. Tried forums, the godaddy.com domain/hosting people but nada. No one could offer any help. The best I got was “Try another browser” (I was using Firefox). Well voila! It worked! I tried again with Safari (for us Mac users) and sure enough – there were the images. But I was frustrated. Why wouldn’t they appear on the Firefox page?

After a frustrating three days – I just had an idea. Maybe there’s something in the Firefox settings that will give me a clue. Yup – you guessed it – that’s where my Eureka! appeared.

So… if you have this sort of problem – go into the Tools section of your Firefox menu. Then Page Info, then Media. If the box for Block Images is checked – UNCHECK IT!

And that my friends, is how it’s done!

3 Responses

  1. great job and you didn’t throw the computer in the pool!

    remember, computers are male brained…you have to keep repeating yourself until they listen.

    love, sar

  2. What’s the line in Jurassic Park when Samuel L. Jackson tried to access the computer systems? “Please. [expletive deleted] I hate this shacker crap!”

    Congrats on your breakthrough, my friend. I know how frustrating some of this stuff can be. Take care and much success,


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