It’s going to happen today at 2:00 (that’s 1400 hours for those of you on 24 hour time). The printer called and said the books will be ready. That means the “new” books – without my email printed on the cover, without the misspelled words that I did not catch, without the uneven border all around the front cover.

Should I get excited? I’m controlling my urge to do a dance. I’ve had too many bad lessons. Hopefully this time it will all be perfect – or a close facsimile.

This process has taught me so much. Self-publishing is journey to be embarked on only if one is ready to fight the dragons. Problems crop up everywhere! But I must admit that the satisfaction level is really high. I wrote the book, I formatted the book, I found the amazing artist who did the cover (Charles Fazzino), I guided the graphic designer as to what I wanted on the back cover. This book has my heart and soul in it – and not just from the writing standpoint.

So… the moment of truth is about to be revealed. May the forces be with us!

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  1. Congratulations!! I’m sure they will be beautiful. Progress, not perfection, eh? (and even publishers make mistakes, even on book jackets)

    What a happy day for you. 😀

  2. Keeping everything crossed for you Anne that the book will be perfect this time. I’ve seen the first version and it looks amazing so you did really well fighting all those dragons!

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