It’s true I’ve written a novel (“Menopause in Manhattan“) and much of my energy is spent there these days. But my first real foray into the publishing world was “Pomegranates” (published by Ten Speed Press, 2004).


A friend said I went from Pom Queen to Menopause Madame. She’s right, only not really. My love for pomegranates blossomed then and has only grown stronger. There is nothing so glorious (in my humble opinion) as the fruit of the pomegranate tree. Its beautiful form and color is enough to divert your attention from other less heavenly pursuits. But its taste! Ah, the seeds! The juice! The syrup!

And quite frankly, I doubt that there’s another fruit on this planet that is as versatile. So many cooking options!

So while I go off now to seed some pomegranates, you go do the same. Play with those ruby red jewels and wish yourself a marvelous day – with blessings as plentiful as the seeds in a pomegranate!

For more information, just go for a visit to: Planet Pomegranate!

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