Gourmet Culture Club is on again!

We’re on again! The Gourmet Culture Club is off and running again at Casa Caesarea. I had so much fun with it a few years ago – I only stopped to finish up the writing and publish my novel “Menopause in Manhattan”. And now that Menopause is selling well and has a life of its […]

The company is gone; I can reclaim my life. But do I want to?

They’ve left. Twenty-one days of non-stop in-house guests. Two old friends from New York decided to visit at the same time – separately and without knowledge of the other’s intent. One is a dear friend that I haven’t seen in three years. The other was an old friend that I hadn’t seen in twenty. It […]

A friend’s 50th

Sometimes you do something nice for someone, and you get just as much benefit out of it. Yesterday was a good friend’s birthday – an important one – her 50th. In preparation, she asked me what I knew about the spa up here in Caesarea. She was thinking of coming up with her boyfriend, having […]

And the party is over!

WHEW. One huge barbecue I no longer have to think about! Over. Done. Successful! And even though I was smart and used plastic – how come there is still so much mess in my kitchen????? This was a family day –  three generations all together. Brother, sister, their spouses, children and grandchildren. I’m a “step” […]

From Bedroom to Kitchen…

I certainly wasn’t planning on getting sick a few days before I had an event coming up. But alas, life doesn’t always do what we want it to do. Tomorrow I have a big group coming over for a barbecue lunch/pool party. They’re family, but we haven’t seen them for a while. Some are back […]