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Anne as Writer & Director of Purim Shpiel

Writing & Directing a Purim Play

I’ve suddenly become a writer and director. Who knew! AND we made it to the front page of the United States Embassy in Israel website!!! ( My venture into this previously unknown was with the IWC Players, a group we created from the ladies of the International Women’s Group, in order to perform a play

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Life on the Other Side: Purim Perplexities

 Life on the Other Side: Purim Perplexities By Anne Kleinberg, March 2014 (from Oregon Jewish Life) Its Purim time! That means merriment, costumes, candy, mishloach manot (“shalach munous” as we say in the old country) and happy kids. In my youth, we went to shul, listened to the reading of the Megillah and spun those

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From Success to the Unknown

 Nida Deguitiene writes about Anne & her philosophy in “Seimininke” – most popular women’s magazine in Lithuania! From success to… Taking risks, being positive, going for the gold! From Success to the Unknown


A Taste of Paris

reprinted from March 2013, Four Seasons Taste on-line magazine… A TASTE OF PARIS by Anne Kleinberg Ah, Paris. The City of lights, of food and fashion, of architecture and amour. Just about every fabulous adjective you can think of applies. But a city of afternoon tea? A center for cookbooks? Really? During the weekend of February

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Bombs Bursting in Air

I live in Israel. By choice – I moved here twenty years ago as an adult. Not because of religion, Zionism or any idealism – just because I felt this would be a good place for me. And it has been. We are now in the midst of attacks – until today missiles, as of

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