And it’s gone! One more edit transferred into the waiting arms of Karine – my editor du jour. Actually, she’s much more than my editor du jour – she’s been my editor for three (3!) years. Yikes! I thought I’d be onto my third novel by now!

I’ve learned a lot from this editing process. And I guess I have plenty more to learn. As I mentioned before, the hardest part is not writing a book, its finding all the mistakes and having the patience to correct them – again and again!

I believe that my book is getting better with all this work we’re putting into it. Its been lovingly edited and read by at least five different people by now – and each has added something precious. Yes, the characters are the same, and no I didn’t make any MAJOR renovations. But their language has been improved, my grammar has  improved and the pages have decreased. I think I was close to 700 pages when I first wrote it! It’s down to a much more manageable 300 or so now.

While it’s in Karine’s hands, I shall invest my time in other areas of book production. Finding a good layout person, investigate e-book options, figure out how best to market the book, finalize the cover design.

Stay tuned!

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