Yippee! Woohoo! Halleluhah!

Menopause in Manhattan will be premiering at the Jerusalem Book Fair!

Although there’s been no official launch, and the US version has not yet been released, the forces that be are conspiring to help. The United States Embassy will be hosting a booth at this year’s book fair and they’ve kindly to provide space (shelf or table as the case may be) for the book. In addition, Steimatzky said yes and a fairy godmother there pulled strings (or was it tendons?) and got them to process the publisher (Bestsellers Ink) pronto. That means that Bestsellers Ink, the publisher of Menopause in Manhattan is an officially recognized vendor!

So get yourselves over to the Jerusalem Book Fair – I’ll be there on Monday February 21 & Tuesday February 22 – and say hi!!!

Jerusalem Book Fair

By the way, the book has its own website! It’s being worked on but if you’d like to go in and have a look – please do!


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  1. As a bookworm, I always have five books by my bedside i.e., I am extremely selective in what to read during my golden time of the day, Anne’s Menopause in Manhattan is on the top list. I enjoy reading it so much, I love the spirit of women in this book and much more …..! Highly recommended!

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