November is POMEGRANATE Month!!!

It’s true I’ve written a novel (“Menopause in Manhattan“) and much of my energy is spent there these days. But my first real foray into the publishing world was “Pomegranates” (published by Ten Speed Press, 2004).   A friend said I went from Pom Queen to Menopause Madame. She’s right, only not really. My love […]

Pomegranate Month!

Every year in November I’m reminded of how lucky I am to live in Israel. When did I ever get to see olives being pressed in Manhattan? When could I ever be part of a pomegranate festival on the Upper West Side? Albeit I miss Zabars, Fairway and most of all – Bloomingdales – but […]

How I know its autumn

I don’t live in New York anymore. So I can’t rely on falling leaves, fall colors, and road trips through New England to ascertain that its autumn. There are no Indian summers, hurricanes or rain storms here. I live in Israel, where its still warm and sunny and glorious. So what’s a girl to do? […]

10 days of pure hedonism – all play, no work

A dear friend (let’s call her C) just came from the States for a visit. She hasn’t been here in many years and it was my desire to make her every moment in this country (Israel) pure joy. I think I succeeded. Too much so! And now that she’s gone back home, I can’t seem […]