A Taste of Paris

reprinted from March 2013, Four Seasons Taste on-line magazine… A TASTE OF PARIS by Anne Kleinberg Ah, Paris. The City of lights, of food and fashion, of architecture and amour. Just about every fabulous adjective you can think of applies. But a city of afternoon tea? A center for cookbooks? Really? During the weekend of February […]

FoodPhoto Festival – Hello Tarragona!

Its happening right now! An amazing, exciting festival of food photography. In the beautiful seaside town of Tarragona Spain, south of Barcelona, there’s a collection of food photographers, food stylists and just plain old foodies meeting, networking, conferencing and eating and drinking.

Eat, Drink, Shoot! The Food Photo Festival

Start with an amazing idea: A food photography festival Add an ideal location: Tarragona, Spain. Make sure the creator of the festival is the best: that would be Gunter Beer – world class photographer Assemble the main ingredients: talented photographers from all over the world;  collections of awe-inspiring work; brilliant speakers to give talks & […]