Self-Publishing – Pre Press Part

I thought that the writing of the novel would be the hard part – how wrong I was! I’ve  completed a novel – my first book after several years of writing cookbooks and articles for magazines and newspapers. I was determined to do it all – by myself. That means I was forgoing the “traditional” […]

Wacky WordPress!!!

Well I’ll be damned!!! I figured it out! I’ve been blogging for the last few months on a program called  I really love it. Its easy, attractive, and FREE! No problemos until I switched to Then it was all over! My new site on is Menopause in Manhattan – the site for […]

Book Marketing – Hint #1

I thought writing a book would be hard. WRONG! Turns out that the writing part was a piece of cake. Now the really tough part begins. I’ve written the novel and formatted it. It’s called Menopause in Manhattan and I hope to be announcing its birth very soon. It’s in my editor’s hands undergoing a […]

Formatting Final – I did it!

Done! Finished! Finito! I finished the formatting of my novel. Can’t say it was easy. Man! Now it is in the hands of my beloved editor Karine. And hopefully she will find zero mistakes. She then has to bring it back to me, hand it over and its off to the printer. I’m plotzing here!

Ellipsis or Elliptical?

There’s a line from the movie “Moonstruck” where the mother, played by Olympia Dukakis, tells the daughter, played by Cher, “Your life is in the toilet!”. Well, mine is in the ellipses! And it should be on the elliptical!

Notes on Editing…

And I thought writing a novel would be the hard part. NOT! Getting it edited is nearly killing me! I’ve been involved with this book for the better part of three years. Its true, I’ve done other things during that time, but yikes!, I thought I’d be done by now! I find the writing part […]