A Test – For Me & My Car

I dreaded it. Car registration test time. I bought the car three years ago and thought December 2021 was so way off in the future I didn’t need to worry about it.  Last time I brought a car into a testing center was ages ago – probably while I was still married. And although my […]

Farewell to the King

(As printed in Oregon Jewish Life) On November 4, Israel bid farewell to a king. His name was Shaul Evron and he was the undisputed king of the Israeli culinary scene.  He was also a man very dear to my heart. I was a newcomer in the foodie world in 1998 when I interviewed him […]

A time for thanks

Whether you’re grateful to the Pilgrims and Indians, your friends and family, or to a higher power, it seems a good time to say thanks and count your blessings. Happy Thanksgiving – today and every day!