Croissant Confessions

I should have known when I opened my eyes in the morning. Just get right back into bed and stay there. I woke up feeling as bad physically as I had had felt yesterday emotionally. Cranky, aching back, shooting pain in my hip, knee issues and tired. Really, really tired. Last night I had tucked […]

Mazal Tov Julia!

Julia Child would have been 100 years old this month! Happy Birthday dear Julia! She left an incredible mark on this world – her personality, her joie de vivre and her kitchen and writing skills. I had the honor of meeting her and the fabulous Jacques Pepin some years ago at a convention of the […]

FoodPhoto Festival – Hello Tarragona!

Its happening right now! An amazing, exciting festival of food photography. In the beautiful seaside town of Tarragona Spain, south of Barcelona, there’s a collection of food photographers, food stylists and just plain old foodies meeting, networking, conferencing and eating and drinking.

Middle Eastern on the Table

There were culinary specialties from Israeli, Palestinian, Iranian, Iraqi, Turkish, Egyptian, Russian, & Moroccan sources. The guests represented even more countries (Italy, Lithuania, America, India, Slovania, Latvia, China, Brazil). The location was the Russian Ambassador’s residence in Israel. The weather? Exquisite! Sunny, warm and very comfortable. If a more perfect day for a more perfect […]

Pomegranate Month!

Every year in November I’m reminded of how lucky I am to live in Israel. When did I ever get to see olives being pressed in Manhattan? When could I ever be part of a pomegranate festival on the Upper West Side? Albeit I miss Zabars, Fairway and most of all – Bloomingdales – but […]