Secrets of Publishing Revealed!

Want to write a book? Want to know what it takes to get it published? Join us for a great morning and find out everything you wanted to know. Three experts in the field will share their knowledge and experience – secrets will be revealed!

We did it!!! Barnes & Noble Top 10!

It was Andy Warhol who said that we all get our 15 minutes of fame. Well thank you Andy, I got mine! Actually, Menopause in Manhattan got it.

Menopause in Manhattan & I Go Home

They say you can never go home again. They’re wrong. It’s just that home may have changed. During my recent trip back home to New York (first in four years) I found lots of changes – some great, some not so great.  All in all, it was wonderful to be home. I went back to […]

Menopause in Manhattan in Jerusalem Post!

Greer Fay Cashman writes a fabulous write-up of the Tel Aviv launch of Menopause in Manhattan. Greer Fay Cashman’s article in Jerusalem Post Photos from the event…                                                        

Anne in the News

D.I.Y. or die – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News. Interview with Anne Kleinberg and other writers in Israel’s daily: Haaretz Newspaper. Should one self-publish or pursue the traditional route? Several writers in Israel give their opinion.

But how will Oprah find me?

I’ve written a book. I’ve published it. I’m working like crazy to get the book its fair share of attention. Now what? When will Oprah phone? I meant it as a joke, well only sort of. In the process of marketing, I’ve joined lots of organizations, blogs, groups, etc. that appeal to writers. And one […]