Mouth_talksAnne Talks!

Anne Kleinberg has a lot to say – and no problem saying it. She has spoken to intimate groups at her home – Casa Caesarea – and appeared before large audiences like the Jewish Federation, ESRA, the American Embassy, the International Women’s Club and the International Book Fair in Jerusalem.

Her topics range from:

Pen Polish Publish – A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing, Editing and Publishing
The Ins & Outs of Self-Publishing
A Passion for Pomegranates – Everything You Always Wanted to Know & Were Afraid to Ask
Transitions & Transformations – Change (at any age) is a Good Thing
Hostessing – How to Throw the Perfect Party
Decorating Hints & Secrets
Melt, Svelte & Gelt – Subjects Every Woman Can Relate to: Food, Beauty & Money!

If you’d like Anne to speak at your next event, or you’d like to book a workshop or weekend at Casa Caesarea – use the Contact Form below and tell her what you’re interested in. She’d love to hear from you!

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