I live in Israel. By choice – I moved here twenty years ago as an adult.

Not because of religion, Zionism or any idealism – just because I felt this would be a good place for me. And it has been.

We are now in the midst of attacks – until today missiles, as of this morning, a bus explosion in Tel Aviv.  If that wasn’t bad enough (it is), what’s really pissing me off is the reaction of some friends reporting on Facebook. I’ve had enough!

You guys – I know you’re worried and angry and reaching out to share your frustration. Got that. But don’t you realize how much worse you are making the situation? Do you really have to turn Facebook, a social media phenomenon, into your personal podium? Do you know how more nervous it makes everyone? Don’t you realize you are just playing into the hands of our enemies? Can you imagine their glee when seeing all your postings?

I don’t want to see any more photos of Israeli soldiers petting kittens. Or protecting Arab children, or giving water to handcuffed prisoners. I don’t want to hear about who started this and how we have to fight back hard in order to show them a lesson. Isn’t it enough that we get it full time on all the news media? Do you really have to spill out all your fear and anger to the rest of us? Do you think we won’t agree with you? That you’re telling us something new? Do you think we really don’t know all of what you’re saying? We do! And we’ve known it for a long time.

The fact is these Facebook postings are primarily from my immigrant friends, not Sabras. The Israeli born among us are posting, if at all, jokes of a sarcastic nature, black humor if you will. I think they’re used to these situations and don’t use them as an opportunity to teach the world something.

Here’s what I think, if you care. The world doesn’t care! Yes, they started. So what? Yes, its not fair. Agreed. Yes they are barbarians who apparently care less about their loved ones then we do. So? You think it’s going to change after a few strong words on Facebook? You think a few cute pictures of caring Israel soldiers are going to make them put down their arms and smoke peace pipes with us? If you do – get over it!

I don’t know whether it’s basic anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism or a mistrust of the supposedly stronger power over the “underdog.” I don’t know what fuels their insatiable hatred of us, and I don’t care. Because I don’t think it will change. There are programmed to hate us and that’s just the way it is. It comes with mother’s milk for them. I would venture to guess that the angry men in the street calling for death to the Jews, are not university educated businessmen (although the leaders may be). They live with their hatred of us, maybe they need it to survive, to blame others for their own problems. I don’t think they are prepared to part with that motif.

I’ve had more than a few Arab friends. Arabs from Egypt and Jordan. Do you think for a minute that when they get home, they speak highly of us? The women I’ve known have been treated like queens here, I among those catering to them. And what do they tell us before they leave – “I probably can’t be in touch because I could get into trouble.” Do they fight the tide of hatred towards us? I doubt it. I suppose they are just concerned about themselves and their families and accept the situation as it is. So while we fight for an end to this madness – they shut their mouths and accept the situation as is.

Please, I beg you, go back to posting pictures of dogs doing stupid things, children dancing, the meal you ate last night and what mall you’re schlepping around in. While once I dreaded those types of postings and thought what drivel it is, now I long for it. I want you to go back to your normal lives. Please – write your opinions if you must, but don’t post them (hmm, as I’m doing now?). They won’t help. At least they won’t help us. And right now we all need to help each other.

Add some normality to your day, and mine. Don’t let those f—ks  win the psychological war!



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