But how will Oprah find me?

I’ve written a book. I’ve published it. I’m working like crazy to get the book its fair share of attention. Now what? When will Oprah phone? I meant it as a joke, well only sort of. In the process of marketing, I’ve joined lots of organizations, blogs, groups, etc. that appeal to writers. And one […]

Self-Publishing – NOT a Dirty Word

I recently attended the Jerusalem International Book Fair. And boy did I learn stuff! I like going to these fairs. As a reader, I’ve always loved being surrounded by so many books. As an author, I felt it important to mingle with other writers, to see what they’re up to. And now, as a self-published […]

Formatting Final – I did it!

Done! Finished! Finito! I finished the formatting of my novel. Can’t say it was easy. Man! Now it is in the hands of my beloved editor Karine. And hopefully she will find zero mistakes. She then has to bring it back to me, hand it over and its off to the printer. I’m plotzing here!

Ellipsis or Elliptical?

There’s a line from the movie “Moonstruck” where the mother, played by Olympia Dukakis, tells the daughter, played by Cher, “Your life is in the toilet!”. Well, mine is in the ellipses! And it should be on the elliptical!

Notes on Editing…

And I thought writing a novel would be the hard part. NOT! Getting it edited is nearly killing me! I’ve been involved with this book for the better part of three years. Its true, I’ve done other things during that time, but yikes!, I thought I’d be done by now! I find the writing part […]

Keyboard Fashion

My keyboard has a leopard skin coat, and I’m wearing schmatehs!