Jerusalem Book Fair – We’re in!

Yippee! Woohoo! Halleluhah! Menopause in Manhattan will be premiering at the Jerusalem Book Fair! Although there’s been no official launch, and the US version has not yet been released, the forces that be are conspiring to help. The United States Embassy will be hosting a booth at this year’s book fair and they’ve kindly to […]

Notes on Editing…

And I thought writing a novel would be the hard part. NOT! Getting it edited is nearly killing me! I’ve been involved with this book for the better part of three years. Its true, I’ve done other things during that time, but yikes!, I thought I’d be done by now! I find the writing part […]

Hello world!

It seems that having a website is not enough – one needs a blog too! So, as I’m all for possessions, I now have a blog! I guess I’ll try to keep you, and myself, updated on what’s going on in my life – meaning the latest with Menopause in Manhattan; the new pomegranate recipe […]