Anne lectures on a variety of topics, and custom tailors her talks according to the audience. From a small literary salon type gathering to a large symposium, Anne loves to reach out to people, far and near. She’s appeared in front of audiences in the US, Israel and Spain as well as hosted groups in her beautiful home in Caesarea, Israel.

Possible topics listed below.

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Topics include:

The Seven Species
According to the Bible, Moses sent his spies to the land of Israel and they came back with the report that the land was flowing with seven glorious foods: pomegranates, grapes, dates, figs, olives, wheat, & barley. Anne’s presents a lecture and slide show about these marvelous foods.

Hostessing – How to Throw Great Parties – and Enjoy Them!
Everything you need to know about entertaining- from small intimate crowds to large parties. Hints for creating a welcoming, warm atmosphere, how to get guests to know and like one another, beautiful table settings & centerpieces. Can include vegetable bouquet carving demonstration by food styling specialist.

Small Changes = Big Effects
How to redesign your home without breaking the bank. All kinds of tips that one can use to create a wonderful environment. Tricks of the trade that designers will never tell you!

Transitions & Transformations – How a Fruit I Couldn’t Spell Changed My Life
Odd & fantastic journeys – Presentation of the life and times of Anne Kleinberg – from New York to Tel Aviv. From interior designer to food writer to author. The changes just keep on happening. And the best part is getting to design new business cards!

The Allure of the Pomegranate – From The Garden of Eden to Sex in the City
Anne presents everything she knows about the glorious pomegranate. It is not only is an amazing food for its anti-oxidant properties, but it tastes great too! And is so versatile – you can make dishes with the seeds, the juice and the syrup!

It Ain’t Just Milk & Honey!
Wondering about life in Israel? Struggling to cope with the conundrum that is known as Middle Eastern culture? Wonder no more! Anne tells tales of horror and glory – leaving New York City (and a parking spot!) for the desert sands of the Middle East. How she made adjustments to life in a “slightly” different culture. From coping with rudeness in the supermarkets, waiting on post office lines to translating Hebrew menus (Oy Vey!). It aint New York City but all these years later –  she loves it!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Independent (“Self”) Publishing
Anne not only wrote an almost 400-page novel – she formatted, printed and published it by herself as well! A publishing company was formed (Bestsellers Ink) and a whole new world was entered. Although the journey was by no means easy – it was exciting, stimulating and very worthwhile. She can do it – so can you!

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