Is it my fault that my keyboard has a sexier wardrobe than me? I was given this amazing gift – a leopard “skin” for my keyboard. So how could I not use it?

You might think I’m a victim of writer’s block. Because I’m doing everything except what I have to do – finish the editing of my novel! But, and sorry to be so graphic, I’m more of the writer’s diarrhea type. I have to learn how to control my thoughts and writing (which in general would probably be a good idea).This time I was determined to totally clean out my office before I embarked on the final edit of my book. It’s been three years in the making and it truly is time to get it out there already. The layout ladies are on board, the cover has been designed (beautifully, I might add), the formatting decisions have been made (well, sort of anyway) – all that’s left is to make the corrections. So am I doing it? What do you think?

The cleaning out the office talk has been going on for some time now, years actually. And its getting worse. If you read my post about My Life According to Pendaflex, you’d know what I was talking about. Well, yesterday I finished! Sort of. Let’s just say I finished what I started out to do – which was get most of the papers in folders, get the folders in the drawers and get it all out of my sight.

That done, I should have opened the latest edition of the manuscript, review all the changes that the best editor in the world did for me and get busy. Ya think?

Instead I came across the leopard skin for the keyboard. Now come on, is that not the funniest and cutest thing ever? When I received it I couldn’t stop laughing – something new and wonderful and silly appeared on the market and I hadn’t even known about it. I was thrilled, but I put off the application. I was saving it.

Yesterday was the unveiling (in a good sense, not the funereal). I cleaned my keyboard and readied it for its moment of fashion. I carefully peeled off the little stickers and placed each on on the proper key; a corresponding to a, question mark and slash corresponding to question mark and slash. You get the picture. I was on a roll. I didn’t go so far as to cover all the function keys – that will be next.

I must admit, my keyboard is looking pretty sharp. Of course I do get a little confused with the keys now – I’m mostly a blind typist but this leopard pattern is a bit dizzying. In general my fingers do their job and know where to go. I think they kind of like the new look – much more fun than the old standard Microsoft ergonomic standard key design. (Microsoft keyboard yes, but I’m using it with an iMac – just thought I should mention that).

Another problem I see is that while my keyboard has become a fashionista, I’m still wearing the same old schmatehs, e.g. junk clothes. You don’t want to know! But who said writers have to dress well? After all, I’m sitting at a computer all day, I have to be comfortable, no?

That reminds me – I once knew a guy who did big real estate deals from his apartment on the East Side. Very swanky place around East 58th Street, with amazing views. He said he walked around in his underwear all day. But when an important client called, he told them to hang on and he ran into the bedroom to get dressed. When a really important client called, he changed into his tux. Now that’s dressing for success!

So, I’m back at my keyboard, really serious this time about writing. Just thought I’d send you a line. Regards from me and my keyboard. I sure hope it doesn’t get all snobby on me now.

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  1. Hello there, Anne. Since you took the time on Wicked Writers, I though I would return the favor. Sexy keyboard you’ve got there. All four members of my family share our’s; don’t know what they would think if I gave our’s the same kind of transformation. On second thought, yes I do! Good luck with the novel. I don’t know anything about it yet, but I look forward to finding out. Take care.
    –James Garcia Jr, author of Dance on Fire.

  2. Very funny my dear! I wonder if anyone else in the whole world actually put the leopardskin keys on the board. Now get on and finish that great book. It’s not fair that only the privileged few of us have been allowed to read it!

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