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It’s Fejoia Time!

It’s Fejoia time again! Every November the fruit shows up on the lawn – gracefully dropping from the tree. The cute little green fruit is cute to look and yummy to eat! Stay tuned for some exciting news about fejoias and other Mediterranean fruit.

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November is POMEGRANATE Month!!!

It’s true I’ve written a novel (“Menopause in Manhattan“) and much of my energy is spent there these days. But my first real foray into the publishing world was “Pomegranates” (published by Ten Speed Press, 2004).   A friend said I went from Pom Queen to Menopause Madame. She’s right, only not really. My love […]

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Cut, Color & Kubbeh

I live in Israel. And I suppose it’s only here that one can go for a haircut and five hours later, walk out with a new head – all spiky and silvery – and a stomach stuffed with kubbeh. I JUST LOVE IT HERE! My hairdresser Lisa (Lisa of London, in Karkur) put her foot […]

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