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An Unpopular Opinion

I live in Israel. By choice – I moved here twenty years ago as an adult. Not because of religion, Zionism or any idealism – just because I felt this would be a good place for me. And it has been. We are now in the midst of attacks – until today missiles, as of […]

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Mazal Tov Julia!

Julia Child would have been 100 years old this month! Happy Birthday dear Julia! She left an incredible mark on this world – her personality, her joie de vivre and her kitchen and writing skills. I had the honor of meeting her and the fabulous Jacques Pepin some years ago at a convention of the […]

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Gourmet Culture Club is on again!

We’re on again! The Gourmet Culture Club is off and running again at Casa Caesarea. I had so much fun with it a few years ago – I only stopped to finish up the writing and publish my novel “Menopause in Manhattan“. And now that Menopause is selling well and has a life of its […]

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A new pomegranate book!

I think it’s time! Ever since my first pomegranate book was published (Ten Speed Press & Yediot Aharonot, 2004) I’ve been thinking of writing another one. More recipes, more photos, more information about this most glorious food. To my humble opinion, there is no fruit on the planet (including Planet Pomegranate) that is as versatile […]

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A time for thanks

Whether you’re grateful to the Pilgrims and Indians, your friends and family, or to a higher power, it seems a good time to say thanks and count your blessings. Happy Thanksgiving – today and every day!    

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