A new pomegranate book!

I think it’s time! Ever since my first pomegranate book was published (Ten Speed Press & Yediot Aharonot, 2004) I’ve been thinking of writing another one. More recipes, more photos, more information about this most glorious food.

To my humble opinion, there is no fruit on the planet (including Planet Pomegranate) that is as versatile and fabulous as this gift of nature.

Don’t you agree?

Since my first days of getting to know the perfect pomegranate, I’ve developed an intense love affair with it. Don’t tell anyone¬† – but I’m in love with a fruit. Yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds, but its true!

The gorgeous color, the elegant crown, the glittering arils encased so lovingly in their white protective pith, and the taste! Whether its the juice, the syrup or the crunchy, yummy arils themselves, there is so much to enjoy in this globe of goodness.

Want to join me on this adventure? If you have any amazing photographs, or delicious recipes that you’d like to share, do send them to me. Who knows – maybe you’ll get to be in the book!

And never forget – don’t take anything for pome-granate!

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  1. Anna Frederika, Holland Reply

    Fantastic idea! Ever since you have published your first pomegranate cook book, I am longing for more recepies to use this healthy and – indeed – amazing fruit. Perhaps you’ll give your loyal fans around the globe, the possibility to pre-order a copy already? I don’t want to miss out!

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